Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order samples?

Click on the Weddings Invitations page and go through the catalog for the product you are interested in.
Click on Buy Sample to add the product to your cart, you can order as many samples as you want.

What is the delivery time for samples?

Overseas delivery time is 4 to 10 days.

Are the samples printed with some text?

We try to only give printed samples for review, so you know how your final wedding invitation will look like after printing.
Although for newer designs we might send blank sample invitations.

I cannot order in the required quantity?

We only take bulk orders for at least 100 cards and have a restriction on the maximum cards you can order.
If you are unable to order any design in the required quantity, email Sales Team at
Mention card design and quantity you would like to order and they will help you complete the order over email or provide information on quantity available.

What is delivery time for Printed cards?

Orders are dispatched within 4 to a maximum of 14 days unless specified by us.
In case you need your cards delivered on priority, do mention it to us on email and we will help get the fastest turn around time as possible.

I have paid, and approved the design, can I change the quantity of cards ordered?

If the cards have not been printed we will be able to accommodate such changes.
Drop us an email at and we will try our best to help.

If your site secure?

Absolutely, we do not hold your credit card details or any other banking details whatsoever.
On checking out, you are transfered to a Secure Gateway for payment. Which provide all the protection like SSL Certification and other encryptions as necessary.

Do you deliver in India

Yes, we do deliver in India.

Can I put an order on priority?

After placing your order, send us an email with the order number. A sales representative will put your order on priority,
Generally orders for events/wedding with next 2-6weeks are automatically treated as urgent.
We dispatch most of the orders in 3 to 14 days

Do I have to pay any other cost as Taxes/Levies/Duties/VAT when the cards arrive?

For USA, there is no other extra cost other than charges you have paid.
But there, might be some charges sometimes, and they are payable by receiver.
In Canada, GST and PST is applicable
In Europe there is VAT applicable on all imports above the value of 50US$.
Different countries have different duty structures, taxes applicable on imports, which we cannot specify or quantify.
All such charges are to be paid by the receiver. The courier company automatically bills this amount.

How do we track an order?

Once the shipment goes out, we send you an email with the airway bill number and website to track the shipments.
You can go the website and keep a track on your shipment.

How to send content for the wedding Invitation?

After placing the order, send us an email at with the content for the invitation.
We will get back to you with a design as soon as possible.

Can I review the card design before it is printed?

On receiving an order we generally get back to you with a design for your invitation within 24 hours.
You can make revisions to the design or suggest changes in case you wish.
We will only start printing on receiving an approval from you.

Can you print in languages other than English?

Yes we do print in all languages. All you need to send us a PDF file for the other language text.
If you wish to send us a Word file in different language, we request you to put the fonts also on email.
A digital proof is shown to make sure we have received your file correctly.
We support Hindi, Punjabi, Gujurati, Bengali and Marathi on top we support Arabic and Hebrew as well

Text templates

You can send in your own text. There is no binding as to number of words, symbols or characters per page but the whole text should fit well on the invitation and should be readable. Please feel free to check with proofing department on any queries and they will provide you with appropriate suggestions

Printing color?

The Proofing team decides the color that should be printed on the invitation. They do lot of proofing work and thereby based on there experience would suggest right colors. Should you need any specific color, they would be glad to do so. Your choice color or ours, the card should look good and beautiful after it is printed and the text should be legible and readable.

Will Add on cards match the main card?

Yes, we try and match the add ons to the main invitation both in terms of paper and design. This is the basic strength of our site as the designs are our own and papers are always in ready stock. We are happy to make various things as needed in matching to the main invitation you choose to order.
In digital proofs we show exactly what paper and color is used to make add on items. Should you have any doubts or clarifications, please email us at the earliest.